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 I’ve been passionate about plants my whole life-. I have been an organic gardener for the past 14 years & have engaged in the hospitality industry for the past 7.

I think we can all agree that we have a culture that is largely disconnected and disassociated from nature.
We can probably also agree that we have a culture that is disconnected and disassociated from each other.

I have created THE REMEDY!

The Remedy Cocktail Co. is a cocktail catering business,
serving garden to glass cocktails 
and herbal tonic superfood mocktails.
Connecting people to plants
Connecting people to each other
The Remedy buys local & collaborates with other businesses
for shared prosperity.
The Remedy uses the bar platform to educate the community about the value of plants and nature, inspiring people to value
and therefore, protect natural resources… 



The Remedy crafts & curates heightened sensory experiences that provide people with healthy time out of mind from ordinary reality.The Remedy is heart medicine. The Remedy is Levity, Connection, and Authenticity.

Art Nouveau Botanicals Watercolour (17).png

ELEVATING your party with apothecary-style cocktails  & herbal tonics;
CONCOCTING medicinal libations;
CREATING heightened experience;
CULTIVATING levity, connection, & authenticity; while COLLABORATING with other small businesses, farms, & growers.

Herbalist, Gardener, Bartender

The Remedy Cocktail Co.
is a dynamic INFUSION
of everything that I love

The Remedy is a passion project,
a colorful, creative, & tasty COCKTAIL Of my adventures, skills, & experiences.


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